Ganymede – New SWT API

June 27, 2008

This week Ganymede, which had many new features and improvements, was released.

The effort of Eclipse foundation for creating a platform, which helps in creating application ranging from Enterprise class to Desktop applications, has to be really appreciated.

In this release, I found a couple of new API in SWT really interesting.

The first one of these enables to make a window fullscreen. We just need to set a flag on the Shell, and it becomes fullscreen.
The flag has to be set using the method : Shell.fullScreen( boolean )
Use Shell.fullScreen( true ), to make the window fullscreen.

There is another method added to the Shell class, which enables to create transparent windows.
This is Shell.setAlpha( int )
The alpha value that need to be set should be passed to this method. The alpha value ranges from 0-255. By default the alpha value is set to 255 and as we reduce the value of it, the window becomes transparent. A getter for the alpha value is also available.

Another new method is added to the Control class, which enables to create custom shaped controls.
This is Control.setRegion( Region ).
Create a region of any shape and set it onto the control. An example showing the usage of this API is here.